Lausberg Kunststofftechnik checks products for health endangering pollutants

Lausberg Kunststofftechnik checks products for health endangering pollutants

Currently an investigation was carried out on sample products of polyamide (nylon) for health endangering pollutants, which was commissioned by Lausberg Kunststofftechnik.

Here, an accredited testing laboratory, with main focus on analytical and pharmaceutical chemistry, was instructed to carry out a hazard evaluation and to determine the content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAK) materials according to EPA.

Numerous PAK´s are verifiably carcinogenic, and in addition have toxic effects on the immune system and the liver, they damage DNA material and irritate the mucous membranes.

The main causes for PAK contamination in materials are the utilization of e.g. PAK-contaminated rubber-processing oils in rubbers and flexible plastics and PAK-contaminated soot as black pigment in rubbers and plastics.

The highest PAK content to be adhered for products is subdivided into 3 categories.

Category 1: Materials in contact with foodstuffs or materials,
which are determined to be taken orally and toys for children < 36 months.

Category 2: Materials with foreseeable skin contact longer than 30 s (longer-term skin contact) and toys that do not fall under Category 1.

Category 3: Materials with foreseeable skin contact of up to 30 s (short-term skin contact) or without skin contact.

With the result of the test report, no PAK´s could be verified in the polyamides employed by Lausberg Kunststofftechnik and thus they fulfill even the strict directives of Category 1.


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